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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Tiny Pink Angel & Herbs In The Flower Bed

This is Morgan Lynn, my newest great grand baby.  She is my FIFTH great grandchild!  I can hardly believe I am that lucky.  I count my blessings, not just daily, but many more times in a day.  How can I look at the sweet little angels in my life and not feel such gratitude!
Brittany is Morgan's mom and, my daughter Debye, her nana.  Her dad is Nathan and he is so proud of her I thought we would have to buy him a hat a couple of sizes larger!!

Debye and I have been planting vegetables in the flower beds!  It is such fun, I go out on the deck at the first morning light just to look at them and see if they have grown any during the night!  The squash actually have tiny squash and blooms on them, the tomato plants and peppers are blooming!  I am as excited as a child on Christmas morning! 
I always had a garden big enough to feed the state's National Guard when my kids were growing up. I canned and froze vegetables and fruit, made pickles.  I haven't done anything of the sort in years, since they are all grown up, but decided to put those flower beds to work!  I still have plenty of room for flowers, but am afraid all the space will go to veggies!  My neighbor came over one afternoon as we dug in the beds and I believe I am the only one on my block to have vegetables in the front yard, but the neighbors will eat their hearts out when they see me picking cucumbers!
I have a big, fenced back yard, but thought this is such a great idea I could not keep myself from doing it.  I also think I will put herbs in big pots on the deck.  It is very large and runs the length of the house.  We will see if I still have a green thumb. 
I remember when my mom grew sage and other herbs, picked and dried the leaves ... how good they were in the dishes she prepared, much better than store bought, the flavor was something I simply am unable to describe. My mom did a lot of things "the old way" as that is what she knew to do and I believe most of the time "the old way" is the best way!!!!
As always, Loveys, be sweet!!!