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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gardening Can Be Fun (or funny)

My daughter in law will never let me hear the end of it if I mention her name in this post, so I just won't ... but this is a little story that is so typical of my family and one that is too good not to share !!
Now, being a gardener is something she is not well known for by any means.  In fact, she is a terrible gardener, cannot raise anything I know of except kids!  Poor little thing plants and sets out flowers every single spring, hoping this will be the year her thumb suddenly becomes a lovely shade of green.  Ain't happening!!  I am here to tell you, she has the worse looking flowers in the county and I might venture so far as to say the entire state!
Her sweet and dear husband (my son, I will proudly add) takes such pride in having the most productive  vegetable garden anywhere around!  I swear he can plant anything in that garden and it fairly thrives.
They have an abundant supply of vegetables fresh from the garden the entire growing season, while the poor flower beds surrounding their house ... well, I just don't know how to put it delicately so I will say not another word about it.  Wild horses could not pull the words out of my mouth or force me to write them!!!  Now THAT is loyalty and love for my daughter in law if I do say so myself.
Okay, so my little daughter in law has expressed her wish to become a great gardener, to know the ropes, what does it take to grow those lush, beautiful flower beds like the ones across the street.  My son, being the considerate man he was raised to be, found a 'how to garden' book online and sent for it as a surprise to her.
Upon its arrival, she sat, devouring every word, confident this book held the key and perhaps this year would be THE one.  My son asked quietly if she noticed who the book was addressed to.  She picked up the box it arrived in, looked at the address label which read (no proclaimed)     Ima Gardener   along with the remainder of their address!!!!!!!  Her actual name was nowhere to be seen and there was already an order form for more gardening books and magazines filled out boldly with the name, Ima Gardener!!!

I am actually not much better.  I used to have a row of potted plants on the wall as you came in the front door of our house.  I watered the heck out of them for days, then would not water them for weeks, then I would remember and drown them again.  Anyway, they looked pretty pitiful. My kids began calling it 'death row' and one of my friends said my plants were the only ones she ever saw that looked worse than hers!!!
I just love my kids! They are so much fun.
Be sweet!!!