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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Being Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma

Some moms might be offended by this little piece of work, but I think it is hilarious!  My daughter posted it onto my Facebook wall and I made it my profile picture! 
I will 'fess up ... that's me to a T!!  My poor kids are all grown up with families of their own and most already have grandghildren of their own (which means I am a great grandma and proud of it), but I still think I have to give them all kinds of advice, asked for or not, usually not!!
I am positive they sometimes dread to see my number on their caller ID but they know better than to ignore it because I just keep calling till they answer!!!
Of course, I am exaggerating (a little), because I try SO hard not to interfere in their lives but, for a mama like me, it is really hard on a blustery day not to tell my 42 year old son to be sure to button his coat, wear gloves and, for goodness sake, cover up those ears because you know how you always got those earaches and Lord knows, your wife has enough to put up with from you without you coming down with an earache ... however, should you do so, please don't forget to pick up some sweet oil.  Remember how we always warmed it in a spoon first so as not to shock that poor little ear into deafness or something maybe worse.
I surely do love being a mama, a grandma and best of all, a great grandma!!  Those kids are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  I could play with the little ones for days on end and never tire of them.  I love playing with the little dolls and tea parties and playing house with them.  I am SO grateful, so lucky to have them in my life.
Once when Carlee (age 4 now) and I were playing in the bedroom, she saw her daddy pulling into the driveway and she ran to the door, quick as a wink.  I thought it was because she was happy to see her daddy, but she just as quickly ran back and said, "Hurry, Grandma, hide! My daddy's here and I yocked him out!!"   The "y" on lock was not a typo ... that's the way she says locked!
Now is that not about the sweetest, funniest thing you ever heard?  I could go on all day about little things they say and do.  I tell you, they light up my life!  My sweet, sweet little tiny angels!