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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Apple Pie In A Jar

I found this WONDERFUL recipe on Homemade Simple's website.  The pies are actually baked in glass jars!  What a wonderful addition to a Christmas basket gift or just by itself with a homemade tag attached to it and a Christmas bow stuck on the side.  This is the link to Homemade Simple's instructions for apple pie in a jar.  I do hope you will look at it and maybe try it.  There is even a Print or a Save to click, so what could be simpler than that?  
The holiday is fast approaching and any great homemade ideas are worthy of our time and attention.  
A homemade gift has so much meaning and thoughtfulness behind it and I count them among the most treasured gifts of all, as a part of us goes into something we have put together with our own hands, with our love, thought, intention and time.
Be sweet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playing With Photos - My Digi Art

Original Digital Art - My Great Grandson, Christian
I just cannot keep from playing around with my pictures of the sweet little angel great grand children!  Try hard as I might, it is never very long till I am thinking 'oh, how sweet it would be if ... ' and here I go again!!!
I should be working on the heritage albums I started long ago for my children, but I keep getting sidetracked by these sweet little elves, my heart and my soul, my great grand children!!
Sometimes I have to share them with all of you and this is one that I feel has to be shared!  Christian is one now, but he fit perfectly into the outstretched hand in this picture and I kept adding and taking away until I got just the look I was searching for.
His mommy and Gran loved it as well as his aunts, so I hope you will like it too.  Isn't he just a little hunk?
I am not kidding, he is SO big for his age.  The doctor could not believe he was only one last time.  His growth was off the charts.  We may have a football player here!!!

Be sweet ... you never know when an angel might be just around the corner!