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Monday, May 25, 2009

Golden Heart

This is the Golden Heart Award, given to my by my friend, Kim, who received the award and passed it on to other blogs she liked.  I am humbled at being a recipient of this award.

Kim has recently changed the look of her blog, stuff could always be worse, and it has a new very pretty background.  I love reading about what she fondly calls her "hillbilly family", for my family fits right in.  We are about as country as you can get.

My mom and all her family came from the hills and mountains and did everything the old way. My great grandmother was an Indian, with that jet black hair and high cheekbones passed down to my mom, who, in her seventies still raised a garden big enough to feed the state's National Guard!  She still dried apples, picked blackberries and made jam ..... she did it by choice, not out of necessity.  I have had many a dress made from flour sacks.  I still remember Mom's disappointment when she only needed one more sack to have enough material to sew a dress for me but by the time she needed flour again, not a single sack remained with the pretty blue flowers!  On the long ride home I can remember her saying it was a shame to use that pretty material for pillow slips, and what a perfect dress it would have made.

I still have a tiny dress that she made for Debye, my first daughter.  Both of my girls wore that dress.  I love to just hold it close to me and imagine my mama's sweet little hands sewing the buttons on.  

Kim, thanks again for the award.  I am honored.  I will pass it on to five others, but I wish I could  pass it to a hundred others.  If your blog is not one, please remember, your award sits in my heart!

Balsam Ponds by Design

The Retirement Chronicles

Make or Break

frugal southern mom

Learning to be Crafty

These are all wonderful blogs you should pay a visit to.  I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.

I have not sent Anjanette (Momma Young) any new pictures to put in my slide show in a long time, so I better get busy on that.   I have also got to check with Sara on The Breathing Post, see how new little baby Cole is doing!! 

Be sweet everyone.  Big hugs!!!!




Stuff could always be worse said...

I am so humbled by such a nice post. I did grow up in the Appalachian Mountains, my grandmother made quilts out of flour sacks. I am sure we have many Mountain things alike. Momma Young also helped me with some computer stuff.


The Retired One said...

Thankyou SO much Polly for the receipt of the award. As you know, I don't pass them on or list them anymore on my blog, but I am very grateful for the recognition and I appreciate you mentioning my blog, SO MUCH. I have met so many new friends by blogging, and I am so glad I discovered your wonderful one. I check it every day that I can!

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Thank you for the award. I love getting awards and this is my first. I'll pass it on in due time. Thank you again, I'm thrilled.

Loree said...

I really enjoyed reading your post, especially the bit about your Indian grandma. I am so fascinated by the American Indian culture and their way of life. Thanks for sharing.

frugal southern mom said...

Thank you so much for this reward. I was having trouble getting my computer to cooperate and finally was able to get it back up and going.I am so honored with this wonderful heartfelt award! I love your stories of your family. It brings bsck so many great memories. I have made such wonderful friends blogging. Again Thank you so much! Hugs!

Glynis said...

What a lovely read,your memories are so interesting Polly x

alotstuff said...

nice blog and have lots of stuff here.........