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Friday, February 25, 2011

Come on, Grandma, You Know You Can Do It

My grand daughter, Caitlyn

I have been playing around all morning when I should have been doing something else!  I made this scrapbook page of my grand daughter.  This is Mike's daughter.  She is and has always been his little angel.  That girl is every bit as pretty inside as she is out!  She is too, too sweet!  She was quite the little monster when she was little, I will tell you!  Into everything except what she was supposed to be!  I could not keep up with her no matter how hard I tried.  I had only to be distracted for a second to find she was out of sight and I had not one inkling which direction she had taken!  I have spent lots of time yelling her name, though of course she never answered, just kept playing or whatever had taken all her attention. I hunted till I finally tracked her down and only then, when she saw me, did she bother to answer, "Here I am!". 
She was my little buddy and when I was so sick, she MADE me walk even when I would rather not.  She would say, "Come on, Grandma, you know you can do it."  and with her prodding me along, I did.  At times I was amazed at the strength I summoned when I had thought I had none.  Doubtful I could not have done it without my sweet little baby girl telling me to hurry and don't be a slow poke!   No one could stay sick long with her around!  She was having none of that self pity, none of that "I can't" or "I"m too tired".  It was always, "Come on, Grandma, you know you can do it!"  She was right ... I could!!!!
So, all of you, be sweet, and always remember whatever you want to accomplish in life, you know you can do it!!!!


Aries said...

She looks lovely.

Stuff could always be worse said...

So glad she said, Come on Grandma. See what you did now. Good to see you back!!!

. said...

Beautiful Grand-daughter.