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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wit and Humor of Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has many an anecdote attributed to him. He reportedly once said, "They say I tell a great many stories; I reckon I do, but I have found in the course of a long experience that common people, take them as they run, are more easily informed through the medium of a broad illustration than in any other way and as to what the hypercritical few think, I don't care."

I believe his wit and humor placed him in the hearts of so many as much or more than his practical side. It is said he was so full of fun, it was not possible to keep it all in. I love reading and learning everything about him as he was such an extraordinary man. The following is a yarn of his I am sure you have read or heard. However, it is so good I feel it is worth reading again.

As he told it, Mr. Lincoln was surprised one day when a large, fierce looking man drew a gun and held the weapon almost in his face. Under these circumstances, "Abe" knew that talking or arguing with the man would be useless.
"What seems to be the matter?" asked Mr Lincoln with every bit of calmness he possessed.
"Well," replied the stranger, who did not appear at all excited, "some years ago I swore an oath that if I ever came across an uglier man than myself, I'd shoot him on the spot."
A feeling of relief came over "Abe", as the expression upon his countenance lost any suggestion of anxiety.
"Shoot me," he said to the stranger; " for if I am an uglier man than you I don't want to live."

Yes, "Abe" Lincoln was recognized as the champion story teller of the Capitol! Nothing could arise that stumped him. He always had a story that would furnish the proper illustration.
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Sara said...

I love that story. It makes me want to read up about Abraham Lincoln. When I was younger, our class studied him. I thought he was the Best president ever. One year I dressed up as him for Halloween:)Thank you for making me famillar with that story again! I love it! Have a great day!

Berry Blog said...

There is a series going now on one of the history channels called "the Real....." ( fill in the President). I've seen the one on Washington and Lincolm and was impressed. Look for it.
this is a wonderful story, I just finished the HBO series that won so many awards...John Adams. It was just great and taught me a lot about what the first Congress had to face with the slavery issue vs the primary goal- Independence. It set the scene for Lincoln's tough choices not that much later on. We are really such a young nation to be a leading power in an old world. the world must see us as less than adolescents with big guns, too much spending money, and too little adult supervision.

Lilly's Life said...

What a great story. I enjoyed that very much. I love anyone with a sense of humor. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

LOL - loved Charlies comments too - very clever!

Loree said...

I enjoyed that a lot. I never realised that Abe had such a sense of humour. But then, being European, I do n't know much about him except that he was assassinated.

Glynis said...

I loved that! How lovely, thanks I had never heard it before.