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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Never Too Late To Have a Happy Childhood

Is this not cute?  My daughter sent it to me in an email.  She is always sending me funny stuff.

So sorry I have not acknowledged the awards my sweet blogging buddies have given me---I feel so terrible about it!!  I have been sick and have fallen behind.  Last week I had a post almost ready to go, passing the Friendship Award to some of you, another Noblesse Oblige Award and a Kreative Blogger Award, when my screen went totally blank and lost everything I had written, all the links in the post to other blogs, etc. were just gone!  I felt like putting down my head and crying, but instead I just turned off the computer and went into the kitchen, tried to busy myself so I wouldn't think of it too much.  I so appreciate the awards I have been given and value the friendship of each of you very much.  Well, so much for that.  Now on to other things!

I made cupcakes and homemade yeast rolls today.  I got all goofy and tinted the frosting pink and scattered colored sprinkles on top.  They were pretty and so yummy.  I have the easiest and best cake recipe from an old Good Housekeeping cookbook.  I use it for cupcakes,  pineapple upside cake, marble cake and every other thing I can think of.

I have always loved to cook and made everything from scratch back in the day.  I still do a lot, though I don't cook as much as I once did.  When my kids were all home I baked every single day and always had a snack ready for them when they hit the door after school.  I did the same for my grandchildren when they were little.  We had great picnics under a big oak tree in our yard.  I loved those times as much or even more than the children.  

I can remember having a shirt that said in bold letters across the front "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."  Debye always told me, "Mama, you can't be in your second childhood, Honey, you never got out of your first!"  When my children were all home was the happiest time of my life.   Be sweet.


introspection said...

Very beautiful post. It could well be written by me. I enjoyed my children's childhood just as (or probably more than)I enjoyed my own. I love to cook & bake for my family. we used to pack of every friday (fridays are weekly off days in the middle east countries) to the beach with a bbq and burger buns, with a bunch of my daughter's friends. We all had great times togther. I miss those days, since my daughters are grown up and busy with their jobs and husbands.
love your posts, always.

Loree said...

Very touching post. My mum tells me that she is enjoying the time with my son more than she did with me. I think I can understand it. I remember childhood picnics by the sea and I can't wait for thw weather to warm up a bit and head out with my little one.

The Retired One said...

I used to babysit for 3 or 4 other children along with my own. We did a lot of baking together as an activity, and now all the kids are full grown with kids of their own. When I see them, they say they remember cooking together with great fondness.
I had fun and so did they!