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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hugs and "Hi, Miss Puff!"

No, Christian, Great Grammy Polly has NOT had her hug today!! 
Somehow the day never goes quite the way it needs to without a good hug.  A hug from anyone will do, but that hug from someone special just puts an oomph in your day that nothing else quite does!!!  My grandchildren give the best hugs in the world, at least it seems to me they do. 
I am positive it IS just me and that every grandma thinks her grandchildren have hugs as sweet as honey, but I swear when I get those big bear hugs from the boys, I just feel like asking, "Okay, now, Lord, what can I do for you today?" 
Michael is a teenager now and has always squeezed me so tight I could barely breathe, and I always tell him how I miss those big bear hugs when I don't get to see him for a while!!!
How I got from 'hugs' to this is a mystery to me as well as you, but I am thinking of the time Michael told me once when he was quite small that I reminded him of Miss Puff.  He had to go into a long explanation of how Miss Puff was on Sponge Bob!!  I thought it was so sweet ... Miss Puff!! 
AS I walked through the living room one day where he was sprawled watching cartoons he said, "Wait, Grandma, Miss Puff is going to be on here."  I was so excited and sat with him till my namesake made her entrance into Sponge Bob's watery world. 
I was shocked speechless when I saw Miss Puff was a big fat blow fish!!!!  I had envisioned her as an angelic little creature with such a sweet little name!  I was not about to let my little guy see my disappointed face as I exclaimed cheerfully how cute Miss Puff was and anyone worth their salt should be honored that their grandson was reminded of her when he saw Miss Puff!!
We still laugh about that and just a few days ago, I had a Facebook message from him that said simply,
"Hi, Miss Puff."

Be sweet!


Loree said...

Have a great weekend Miss Puff :) Grandmas are treasures. I still miss mine so much.

Polly said...

Now RHAT brought a smile to my face! Loree, you're a little doll!!! I guess I'll just have to afopt you as a grandchild!!! Everyone needs a grandma around, even me!! How I would love to see and hug my grandmas again.

Polly said...

Too early for me ... I can't see the letters on the keyboard and yes, I have to look!

Glynis said...

Oh how lovely, that was so funny, bless him.

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

And vice versa, I can attest Grammas hugs are JUST as sweet =) Have a happy day!