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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunshine Award

Mary Anne Gruen of the Starlight Blog gave me the sunshine award!!!  I love this award!!  It is so colorful and to me also full of meaning.  I am happy to receive this award and feel very honored that Mary Anne chose me as one of her recipients.  If you have not been to visit her blog, I hope you will and I can guarantee you will find a gorgeous blog loaded with great pictures.  I have to tell you this ... Mary Anne has a dog named "Virginia".  Don't you just love that?  She has posted a picture of Virginia sitting beside a branch that had fallen from a white pine.  I just love the story in that post and now I love her dog as well!!  My name is(are you ready for this?) Virginia Paulette!! 
Now, most people wonder how in the world anyone ever got "Polly" from that!  My mom told me that my grandpa started calling me "Polly" when I was only a few days old and soon everybody followed suit.  I have lifelong friends who don't know my name is not actually Polly.
When I was a child, my dad would call. "Polly" and if I didn't answer or come right away, he said in a voice that could not be ignored, "Paulette!"  You better believe when my dad called me Paulette, I knew for sure I had best get moving!! 
My sweet little daddy stayed with me the last 2 years of his life, because he was so lonely and almost grieved himself to death when my mom died of a massive heart attack.  They not only were husband and wife, but best friends.   He came to my door one day, knocked (which he never did) and I asked what was he doing out there knocking, to get in here!!  He said, "Sis, can I stay with you for a couple of days?  Every where I look I see 'my buddy' and my doctor says I have to be out of the house a few days, because all I can do when I am home is cry and think of your mama."  I said , "Why are you asking?  I love you and you will stay as long as you want or need to." 
He could not even go back to get his clothes.  Bless his sweet little heart.  I went to get his clothes and whatever else he needed and he never went home again!!!  He stayed with me until he went to Heaven to be with 'his buddy'. 
I said all that to say this ... even when I grew into an adult with children of my own, when my daddy said "Paulette!"  I got moving!!  When he became very sick and needed something, he would call me and if I didn't hear him or respond the first few times he called me, I will never, ever forget, he would say in that voice that simply could not be ignored, "Paulette!" and you better believe I went running!!!
All this because Mary Anne has a dog named Virginia!!  Now I know why I tell my kids I haven't lost my marbles, but they are pretty well scattered now!
Thank you for the Sunshine Award.  That has quite a ring to it ... a Sunshine Award from the Starlight Blog.
Be sweet, all!


Loree said...

Wha a sweet and interesting story. We all know you as Polly. Virginia is a sweet name but somehow I can only htink of you as Polly :)

Mary Anne Gruen said...

Thank you so much for all your kind words, for me and Virginia. She's sitting here next to me now and I know she'd appreciate them.

Kids always know they're in trouble when they hear their parents use their full name. LOL I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with your dad in his final days. How beautiful for you both!

Glynis said...

A lovely story, thank you for sharing.