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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just One Happy, Silly Old Lady

I am posting this little picture and prayer as it is funny and I don't ever want for a minute for my readers to be saddened by something I have written.  I know the previous post is indeed sad, but I would ask you to be happy for me and for my family.  We have known our share of sadness but we have also known more than our share of joy.  We have been so blessed and are ever so grateful for all the lovely years spent with our loved ones who have gone on before us.  They have added a measure of happiness to our lives we would never have had otherwise.
Life is short and I don't always make the most of it, but I laugh more than I cry at the antics of my son and grandson who are the most precious of angels now and I am sure they must be the funniest of all, playing pranks as they once did with us.
Be happy for me that I was lucky enough to have them to love for as long as I did, for I am keenly aware that there are others who are not so lucky.
I look at my 5 great grand children today and wonder what in the world I have ever done to deserve such happiness!!!! I have been SO blessed.  I am SO very thankful that I was raised and taught by the most loving, wonderful parents anyone could imagine!  I am SO very thankful that I have had 6 of the most beautiful and best children in all of the world!  I am SO thankful for my precious grand children and my sweet little great grand children!
As I have said, life is short and life is what we make it to be ... now I just want the weeds out of my veggies planted in the flower beds, my prayer above to be answered and I will be about the happiest, silliest old lady on the face of this earth!!
Remember to always be sweet and whatever you do, be nice!!!


Glynis said...

You made me smile with that one, Polly. Thank you. Have a wonderful week.

Loree said...

Hope your prayer comes true Polly :) And keep smiling because life is short and the good times will help tide us over the bad moments.