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Friday, September 3, 2010

We Take The Bad Along With The Good

I may not post for a little while.  I did not want you all to think I fell off the face of the earth!
I haven't the heart right now as I am so devastated that there are such cruel people in our beautiful world.
My purse was stolen with all the money I have in it!!  I always get money orders to pay my bills and cash for the rest of the month as I am only receiving Social Security since I became disabled.
I will trust in God to take care of me and just put it in His hands.  I have said it is a learning experience, but it will take a while to get my bearings.
In the mean time, be sweet!!!


Loree said...

That is so terrible Polly. I hope you will be OK and let us know if there is any way we can help with something.

Kiki said...

Hi Polly..hugs!So sorry this happened to you. Wishing you well and hope things brighten and sparkle real soon! Keep strong and spirited , keep faith in your heart and trust that you will be taken care of in some divine way!!!...sending lots of positive energy your way and hoping things shift in a positive direction for you very soon!! Hang in there! Hugs!

Polly said...

Thank you, Loree and Kiki. Love you for caring!! I am checking my email as I may lose my internet service if they are not understanding, I am going to explain to all the utilities, landlord, etc. snd I can pick up a copy of the police report on Monday if they need proof.
My grand daughter bought all my medicine this afternoon ans I have to take tons because of my health problems. but, I will not let it get me down. You know the Bible tells us how God loves and clothes even the flowers in the fields and I just refuse to feel sorry for myself, although I must confess I did at first! All I can say is I have learned my lesson about leaving a purse in a shopping cart!!!!! I can still laugh ... as I was explaining to the police what valuables the purse contained I started rambling on about my little pair of scissors when he said, "Maam, we really need to just know about the money and valuables." Ha! If he only knew how valuable those scissors are to me!!! See, I still have a sense of humor!!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh Polly! I had mine taken too ...I didn't have a lot of money but a bracelet, my id cards, dl's etc just a lot of time and trouble.
Polly, try a local church, the Salvation Army etc. there should be some place out there that can help you.

Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

Polly, I'm so sorry this happened to you! May God use it to help you meet some wonderful folks who will help bring you some justice. I'm praying for you!

Stuff could always be worse said...

Oh sorry for you...I had that happen to me, a few years ago. They called the police and gave it back. So keep praying, it works. There are bad people here.

Polly said...

Sweeties, I love all of you for showing so much concern. I am beginning to get my bearings again (as my dad would say) and get on with things!! I WAS very upset, but am at peace with my little world and boy, you can't put a price on that! I wonder if the one who stole all my money feels as peaceful. I doubt it, but I suppose we should pray for him or her as I do believe in Karma and I bekieve more than they took from me will somehow be taken from them. I'll be back full speed soon although my full speed isn't quite what it used to be!

Aries said...

So sorry to hear that. Hope everything is fine now. Nice blog you have here. Like your template. Just blog hopping. Hope you have a great week ahead.