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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate Topped With a Dollop of Whipped Cream and a Sifting of Cinnamon

Oh, I can hardly wait for the weekend!!!  Guess I am about half nuts (or all maybe) but it is supposed to be a rainy, chilly weekend after the unusually warm week we have enjoyed so far!  I believe it is still called Indian Summer.  However, I am actually looking forward to the coming cold front.  There is nothing so comforting as wrapping in a soft blanket with a good hot cup of hot chocolate on a dreary chilly night,  watching favorite TV programs that have long since left prime time!  I am sharing a very good homemade hot chocolate mix with you and I believe it will be a keeper.  It is a little different than the ordinary ones.  This makes a lovely gift when packaged as a gift in a jar, serving instructions handwritten on a whimsical little tag cut from a plain brown paper bag and tied with jute, twine or a country ribbon.  Place this in a basket lined with paper shreds, mugs, marshmallows and a shaker of cinnamon and VOILA ... a gift suitable for Queen Elizabeth herself!!  I am sure she would curl up with a blanky and cup of steaming hot chocolate if given the opportunity!!!  
Here is your recipe.  I hope you enjoy making this and keeping it on hand for the coming months.

Hot Chocolate Mix

1 (5 or 6 Qt.) box instant milk
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup Nestle's Quik
1/2 cup powdered creamer
1 box instant chocolate
1/4 to 1/2 cup cocoa

Mix ingredients well and package in        airtight container.Use 1/3 cup mix to 1 cup hot water.
Be sweet, may you always walk with angels and keep plenty of marshmallows and whipping cream!!!!
(I have no idea what I did, but I can't make the post smaller, the font won't change.  I am just struggling trying to figure out everything as I go!!!  One thing for sure - you don't need glasses to read this post!!!!)


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Wonderful post..and lovely recipe..gorgeous..and yum! thanks!

Grigore Roman said...

This is something interesting, ill try today, and later i'll tell the results, i like home made drinks, like this, Thanks for sharing .