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Sunday, March 27, 2011


My grandson, Michael
This is my grandson, Michael. He lives around 300 miles from me now and I miss the big bear hugs he gave me when he lived nearby! He would squeeze me so tight I swear I heard my bones crack and I could barely breathe! He lifted me off my feet as he hugged me and I just can't seem to function as well without one of those hugs every now and then!  I am hoping he will visit for even a few days this summer.  He stays very busy and is in a program with the local college in the summer so he really doesn't have a lot of free time, but maybe he could squeeze in a few days. He is VERY intelligent, can write beautiful poetry.
When my dad was alive, Michael could make him happier than anyone. He was so sweet and chubby when he was little and beginning to walk good, he would run into Dad's room and they carried on a conversation like 2 old men!! It was so cute. Michael talked a mile a minute, waving his arms the whole time and you could not understand one word he said! My dad acted like he knew just what he was talking about and they had such great conversations. I teased Dad that Michael must be speaking Chinese! He was the light of my dad's life and you would never think it, but my dad was the first person Michael ran to see when he came to visit. He ran as fast as he could to Dad's bedroom, where they began their routine. He made my dad SO happy and he looked forward so much to seeing his boy!
When Dad was called back to Heaven to be wrapped in the arms of Jesus, the house seemed very silent and very still. I will always remember the first time Michael came after Dad died, he ran into the bedroom as usual only to find the bed empty and his buddy gone. He had such a puzzled look on his little face as he held out his arms, saying solemnly, "G'ampa gone". It broke my heart, but I am so grateful for the time they spent together and for the happiness and joy he gave to his great grandpa.
Be sweet.

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