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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Lesson in What

When we were little my brother and I thought it would be so neat to save our allowances of twenty five cents a week. Mom washed out two Pet milk cans and cut holes in the top big enough for a quarter. We thought this was the grandest thing ever---we had our own banks!!
It was sooo hard to keep that money! Our little mouths watered when we talked of what it would buy. We decided to bury our banks in the grove of trees behind our house, plant moss on top of the hiding place so we could find it and come back at a later time to retrieve our stash!! We waited three long weeks and each of us had seventy five cents---what a treasure! We did as planned and sat back to wait till such a time as we wanted something bad enough to dig our banks up.
After a few weeks, we could no longer contain ourselves--went to the woods, shovel in hand, ready to set out for the store when we returned with our riches! Imagine our shock and disbelief when we found moss growing everywhere and could not remember where our money was buried! We dug in so many spots the grove of trees looked like it had chicken pox!! We grieved and mourned over our lost banks like they had been our best friends. Honestly, that was a real lesson in something---I just have never figured out what---it had to be for me to still think about it after all these years!!! Be back soon--stay sweet and stay good.

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