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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Friends

Be sweet!


pehpot said...

Happy Easter!

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pehpot said...

no problem Polly :)

Penni said...

ty so much polly for the lovely message you left me about my CT, as you say not an easy decision to make but a necessary evil I feel in order to concentrate on my designing skills. Thanks so much for your loyalty.

Kathryn Magendie said...


Sara said...

Hi Polly
I hope you had a great Easter
I tagged you The 8 Tag, hope you enjoy
Have a great day

kAyE said...

hey :) sorry if I got back to you just now. i see you have a "Blogging Buddies" section in your site. That's how we exchange links (for now. I will be making you a button this weekend. Yay!). I have already added you to my blogroll, so I hope you add me up in your Blogging Buddies too. BTW, peek in if you have the time. That's my other site :)

Keep safe Polly. Many people count on you to inspire them (including me) :)

Glynis said...

I hope your Easter was a good one, we have Easter 17th April here in Cyprus (Greek Orthodox), it is bigger than Christmas.
Kallo Pashka apo Kyprios ( Happy Easter from Cyprus)

Anish said...

Happy Easter Polly. Have a surprise for you at my blog. Check-out.

The Retired One said...

You have been tagged.
Come see at my blog! :-D

The Retirement Chronicles

kAyE said...

*whispers* I sent you an email :D