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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where To Find The Best Easter Cake Recipe

I have found the most wonderful easy Easter cake recipe with complete instructions on Insightful Nana's  blog.  She has photos of all the ingredients and step by step directions plus a picture of the finished cake, which is so much like Easter with jelly beans decorating the top.  There is even a video of her making the cake!  I am going to get jelly beans tomorrow because I am going to make that cake.  It will be the perfect dessert after the holiday dinner or for afternoon snacking after all the eggs are found and the little ones are worn out from a day of searching to see who could fill his basket first.  She also has a really great caramel popcorn recipe.  Be sure to check it out.  What a fun site, even a newsletter and free printables.  

 Be sweet and good!


Loree said...

That cake sounds good and I love lemon flavoured cake. Might have to try this one too. I am going to get so fat. Ha ha!

Renee said...

I have been looking for a great recipe like this for a week. Doing reviews on Linkreferral and found just the right one here with you.

Nice site, beautiful grand kids also.
Us Grandma Boomers have to cheer each other on.

GoodLuck to you and yours,

MommaYoung said...

Sounds so yummy.

Thanks so much for sharing!