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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Momma's Been Busy (and I don't mean me)

Can you believe it!?  When I looked at my little blog this morning,  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Momma at Momma Young's @ Home has been helping me fix my blog  and I finally said to her  "you do it because I don't know how or even where to begin if I did know!"  Thank goodness I did!!  I struggled and struggled to get thingies on there and plodded along, wondering how in the heck those girls did this or how they did that.  For days I tried to put buttons or badges on, but I swear sometimes I could and most of the time I could not!  Poor little Kaye at Random WAHM Thoughts tried and tried to tell me how to add a button to my page, even going so far as to make a tutorial for me to follow.  I finally did it one time, paying close attention to her tutorial.  Notice, I said ONE time.  Next time ..... impossible!!  You may can teach an old dog new tricks, just not too many at one time.  I am so thankful for the kind hearted souls who take precious time from their own busy schedule to care.  It actually does take, not just thought, but time, to care.....especially enough to take action.  Momma Young is planning even more surprises for Angels.  I believe she is going to make a slide show with some pictures of mine.

  I feel sort of silly, calling her Momma, since she is about 1/3 my age, but, in this case, she is the teacher and I am her good little student!!  

I should have just let my kids think "Oh, my mom is so smart.  Just look what she has done."  I admit I kind of wanted to, but just can't take credit for it, when my sweet little friend did it for me.  

Be sweet, now.


The Retired One said...

Your blog looks great!!

The Retirement Chronicles

Carol said...

I have to say that all your work is paying off. I enjoy your writing as I do all I follow and know exactly what you mean when you say you are frustrated. If not frustrated we must be dead. Smile

Stuff could always be worse said...

I need Momma Young's help to make my blog looks as good as yours. Keep on blogging, I have been missing you. I could get help from my Lindenville Cafe friend. Check it out with my button.

Loree said...

Your blog is looking so nice. Believe me,. I have a heck of a time trying to get buttons and stuff on there too and i have not q uite mastered the way to do it either.

Glynis said...

I think you're doing ok for someone who wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy blogging, when I first met you LOL

kAyE said...

i'm loving our new blog look! and yes, i did see the button. i'm sorry i just got back to blogging now. i was very busy these past weeks. but i'm back now.

keep safe! :)