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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Goodies From Grandma's

This is too good to keep!! Almost any flavor imaginable can be made using the Easiest Fudge recipe from yesterday's post. Coconut pecan frosting with peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting are a few that come to mind right off the bat!! Almost anything from nuts, chopped candies like Butterfinger, to chopped candied cherries can be added. The variety is endless. Just think, next Christmas everyone will think we are quite the cook, and we will never tell a soul our little secret. I wish I had known how simple and easy this candy is to make before the holidays this year. Oh well, I didn't but next fall I'll be stocking my pantry with all kinds of chips and eagerly awaiting another trip to the grocery store to look at the baking aisle and check out the newest flavor of frosting!! It takes so little to make me happy! Be sweet and be good!

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Glynis said...

Look at you with your flashing box!! You said you were going to learn more and it looks as if you did!

Lovely recipe to share, thanks.