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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anna's Scrapbook Page---Keith & Carol

This is Keith and his sweet little wife, Carol. Brooke, Kristi and Eric are their children and Anna and Carlee, their grandchildren. I guess that makes me a great grandmother!! I have three of the sweetest, prettiest little great grandaughters. The three of them are pictured along the side. They are angels and I love them soooo much!! Anna calls Carol "Nan" and Keith "Papa". Carlee isn't talking much yet. When I was there this summer, both girls gave poor Bailey (Keith & Carol's cocker spaniel) a hard time. They laid on him, pulled his hair, kissed him and whatever else they could think of. Bailey just lets them do whatever they want, but he probably wonders when they will take naps so he can rest too!! Later!! Stay sweet and good.

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