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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ugly Shoes and Clothes That Don't Match

Though growing old ain't what it's cracked up to be, it does have its perks. I can wear ugly shoes and clothes that don't match and no one gives it a second thought! I no longer try to impress anyone, nor am I easily impressed by others. I wrap up in a horrible leopard print coat that once was very stylish!! I LOVE that coat!! It is sooo warm and I could never part with it. When I get out in the snow, it looks like a leopard has escaped from the zoo, but I am so warm and snug, then people get a good look at me and just silently say, "Oh, that explains it." How happy I am that I no longer have to explain anything to anyone. "Oh, she's just old".
I can watch the Soap Opera channel, sit in my rocking chair and eat chocolates all day long if I choose! I can even be fat and shop in the Big Mama section of a store without feeling one bit conspicuous!!
If I don't want to answer a question, I can pretend I didn't hear it and no one is the wiser!! People hurry to open doors for me and help me cross the street.
Young boys carry my groceries to the car, smiling like they have just won the lottery. "Where do you want this, Maam, in the trunk or the back seat?"
I guess the greatest perk would be learning to accept yourself and realize it is okay to be exactly who you are.
Be sweet!!


Sara said...

Hi Polly
I missed u so much!!!

your post was too funny, but so true.

Polly said...

Thanks, Sara, I have missed u also!! Cole has grown sooo much!!!

Loree said...

Hi sweet Polly. It's so nice to hear from you again. Take care.

Polly said...

Loree, you are a little doll!! Thank you,Sweetie/

SI Saver said...

Love this post! Grocery boys never want to help me out to the car when they see my son sitting there,face covered with some kind of snack, and yelling! lol.

kate said...

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