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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Memories of a Snow Girl

Hi everyone! Hope you had a happy and joyous Thanksgiving. Guess what? I think I have discovered who wrote the starfish story. My friend, Glynis Smy, thinks it is by Lauren Eisley. A friend of hers had read it in a magazine and written it down. I am glad to find out who is responsible and wanted to share it with you. You may have seen it elsewhere as I have many times, but no author was ever given. I believe a big round of applause goes to Lauren Eisley for writing something so moving!!
Please drop by Glynis' blog, New Scribbles by Glynis. She conveys such a wonderful positive attitude on life and I know you will enjoy her writings.
It snowed a tiny bit today, just enough to tease us a little. Once Mike, one of my boys, made a snow "girl"! He named her Crystal and poured water over his creation so it would freeze solid and not melt so fast. He wrapped a red scarf around her neck and took such great pains to make her beautiful. He would come in from the cold and look longingly out at Crystal until he was warm enough to brave the weather once more. He thought she was the most beautiful snow girl in the world. I am sure she was because she was probably the only snow girl in the world!! I took a picture of him with his arm around her, smiling from ear to ear. I love that picture, seeing his little face beaming with happiness. I believe we almost went into mourning when poor Crystal began to go the way of all snow people. She slowly became a little puddle with a red scarf lying on top and buttons at the bottom. I am happy that we have immortalized her with that picture!! Be sweet and be good!!

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