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Friday, January 16, 2009

Never Fail Homemade Biscuits

I will tell you the easiest and best way to make never-fail biscuits today.  It works everytime.  I have used this method since the time I spent all afternoon preparing what I expected to be a delicious evening meal for my husband.  I had made all the old favorites, the comfort foods.  The chicken was golden brown and crunchy with creamy mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade biscuits.  As we sat making small talk about our day, my dear husband placed one of my biscuits on the edge of the table, calmly pulled a cigarette lighter out of his pocket and lit it, holding the flame under the biscuit.  I wondered aloud what in the heck was he doing.  To which he replied, "I'm trying to see if that damn thing will crawl!"

It goes without saying that it was a long, long time before I attempted biscuits again.   Now I will tell you the easiest method I know that will always ensure a good flaky biscuit.  This is the way I firmly believe all biscuits should be made----first, while shopping for groceries, go to the refrigerated section and place a couple of the packages of  canned biscuits in your cart.  Next pay for them along along with the contents of your cart.  When you reach home and begin putting away the food, put the biscuits behind a big head of lettuce or gallon of milk.  Then when you are ready to show the culinary skills you have learned from years of cooking from scratch for a bunch of hungry kids and a hard working husband, take out the package of biscuits from behind the lettuce, tear it open with the strips and pop it against the corner of your counter.  Place them in appropriate pan, bake about 10 minutes at maybe 400 degrees.  That's all there is to it! I'm telling you, this is a fool proof method!!  The only problem I ever had was once when I was talking on the phone too long, they almost burned!!  If you are careful, you can prevent this from ever happening.  Feel free to share this with whomever you please.  Happy cooking!  

Be sweet!  Polly


Sara said...

I have done the same thing, I had my biscuits in the oven, my mom called me and I forgot al labout my biscuits!I enjoyed reading your articles!

Glynis said...

That was wonderful!!! How funny :0

Polly there is something waiting for you on my scribbles blog x

Loribeth said...

What great recipe! Thanks for sharing it!!!!

Sara said...

Hi Polly
You have an award waiting for you at
Have a great day
P.s. I read your Biscuit post again, it it so funny!

Berry Blog said...

I love bloggers with recipes.. Yay...I am officially adding you to my list now.

Joy said...

Those frozen ones are even better. They taste great and you only have to bake as many as you'll eat at that meal.

Loved your description of that meal! Sounded familiar, too. :-)