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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've Been Tagged Award

Sara, from The Breathing Post has bestowed upon me the You've Been Tagged Award.  Sara is awesome and her Breathing Post is a blast.  You will have loads of fun at this site.  Thank you, Sara.  I have discovered some responsibility comes with this Tag Award!  I have to say 7 random and/or weird things---now that will be quite easy as everything that comes out of my mouth is random and/or weird!  I also must give the award to other deserving people for writing such amazing blogs.  No need to put this off so we'll get on with it beginning with the 7 things.

1. I found out today that Sara had lost a goldfish named Lady Gwen that she had for a year---     well, I once had 2 goldfish named Floyd and Leroy who thrived in their bowl until  both died a sudden death.  I have often wondered if it was the names that killed them!

2. I am terrified to open a can of biscuits, because one exploded in my hand several years ago.  My kids used to chase me around the house with a can of biscuits. To this day, someone has to open them for me and I put both hands over my ears and move away.

3. When I remarked to my dad that I had grown up with my kids, he said simply, "The only thing is, they grew up and you never did."

4. My birthday is the ninth of May and my sweet little mama almost named me Nina Mae, so I would always remember my birthday. (So glad you didn't, Mama.  I don't even look like a Nina Mae.)

5. My husband has said the happiest time of his life was when I had laryngitis.

6. I told one of my grandsons I was going to seduce Hank Hill and take him away from Peggy.  Not only would he have a new grandpa, but we could sure put Hank's red truck to use and he would have such fun with Bobby.  He said I was senile------he'll think senile when I drive up in that red truck.  Look at what we could save on propane!

7.If we had computers back in the day, I would have been a geek by age 16.

All right, Sweeties, now for the fun part.  I give the You've Been Tagged Award to the following:

1.Glynis @ New Scribbles

2.Lizzie @Words To The Wise

3.Charlie @ Berry Blog

4.Wayne @ wize old phart

5.Jennifer @ The Frugal Housewife

Well, Little Darlins', that's it for this go around.  I'll be back later with more goodies---a tall tale to tell or maybe something good to eat or, how about some money saving tips?  Whatever it is, we'll grab a cup of hot coffee, prop our feet up and just ENJOY!   Guess there won't be a Cole Slaw Debate this year as everyone seemed to agree that the Colonel's was best!   Be sweet!!




Berry Blog said...

Well thanks for the honor, I guess. Your 7 facts were funny as hell though. Nina Mae...we understand that mothers' motives are not always for their childrens' benefit. She probably wanted something she could remember. lol and the growing up part with your is probably as proud as he was with the dinner set for his cleverness.
There's a gang of us here in my circle who watch Top Chef faithfully. do you? Then we run like hell to David dust's blog to read his hilarious recaps. He's listed under my favorite blogs on my right hand column. He's so popular and so funny bitchy that he now has friends from the show who write him regularly.

lizzie said...

Thanks for the tag! I enjoyed your 7 revelations.

JT said...

Thanks for the award!!!

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and would like to add you to my blogroll. I always like to ask first. If it's ok with you for me to do that, please email me at

Thanks again!!!