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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thought I Didn't Want a Thing Until........

Well, what do you know?!

I have been given The Birthday Wish Award by Kaye of RandomWAHMThoughts and it isn't even my birthday! Remember how my mom almost named me Nina Mae and thank goodness she didn't.

Of course, there are rules to go along with the award which are:

1. Post the image of this award.

2. Make a list of what you want on your birthday.

3. The list should be 15 numbers.

4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

You always think it would be easy to come up with a list of things we wish for, but I find it is not as easy as it might seem. I really don't wish for a lot of things, but if I could have anything I might want and have fifteen wishes, this is what I would wish for.

1. I wish I could sit in the front pew of the church when my great granddaughters are brides.

2. I wish I could be present at the birth of my first great-great grandchild.

3. I want Abigail, Anna and Carlee always to remember me and how much I love them.

4. I wish I could finish the family scrapbooks I started for my children.

5. I wish for a professional organizer to get my bedroom and kitchen in some kind of order.

6. I wish I had a stove with a solid cooktop.

(Boy, this wishing is getting easier and easier! Thanks, Kaye)

7. I wish Glynis would send pictures of the village where she lives in Cyprus.

8. I wish to visit both my brothers at least two weeks.

9. I wish Spring would last six months and Autumn the other six.

10. I wish I had every kitchen appliance known to man, with a room to put them in.

(If you are going to wish, you might as well wish big.)

11. I wish I was not such a procrastinator.

12. I wish for a vegetable garden in my back yard in the spring.

13. I wish all my relatives and friends lived in the same city as me.

14. I wish our old family Bible was restored.

15. I wish I had fifteen more wishes.

Now that my wishes have been made I would like to pass this award on to the following people:

My dear friend, Glynis of New Scribbles, sweet Faith of Scripture2Prayer, Sara of The Breathing Post, dear sweet Lizzie of Words To The Wise, Loribeth of Artistic Romance, Darlene of Darlene Designs. Those are the friends I will pass this on to for now. Maybe we will all have a little angel waiting to make all our dreams and fifteen wishes come true. Don't be such a skeptic. You never know! Spring is sure to be here any day now and there are empty houses everywhere just waiting for my aunts, brothers, and the rest to move into. A new service has just begun in our area---free services offered via the web and I just know soon a professional organizer will be listed who is dying to offer her/his services to anyone who needs them. How exciting! All those papers, pens, notes, bills and assorted clutter could soon be sorted, neatly arranged and out of sight!! Thank you so much, Kaye, for my birthday wishes, for all of you know I believe in angels!!! Be sweet and good.


lizzie said...

Thanks very much for the award, I really do appreciate it. I will get round to passing it on when I have a little more time. Thanks, again.

Berry Blog said...

well as the Mad Hatter said to Alice...a very happy you.

Glynis said...

Well thanks and guess what, one of your wishes came true! I sent you a link to an article of my village!!!
Now how many wishes was it...

I am going to put my wishes on my Ghunibee scraps site.

Dr. Chef Lauren said...

What a lovely list. Inspiring and heartfelt.