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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quote by Ben Franklin & The Puzzle

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man." ~ Benjamin Franklin

I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin.  It is on Darlene Designs today right at the top.  If you like to preserve your memories in a scrapbook, stop by and see Darlene.  Her blog has lots of pretty designs and she gives a lot of freebies.  I download her designs a lot and use the kits, etc. in my scrapbooking.  She would love to have you visit and leave a comment.  I would about give anything if I could design!!  I am so glad there are designers who share their work with those of us not so talented.  

I have a "funny" to tell you today (anyway I sure thought it was funny).  My mother-in-law delighted in finishing a crossword puzzle.  She was happiest when she had , pen held ready in hand, a crossword puzzle spread before her on the big kitchen table!  She waited all week for the Sunday newspaper, for there was always a good puzzle inside waiting, it seemed, just for her to complete!!  One warm spring day, she sat proudly in her spot with her puzzle.  She looked deep in thought for a minute or so, then erased something on her puzzle, the lines in her forehead wrinkled, up came her head and she asked 
anyone within hearing distance, "How do you spell 'baseball glove', with one mitt or two?!"  Everyone burst out laughing as we knew at once that her beloved Sunday puzzle obviously wanted a four letter word for baseball glove and she, face slowly becoming a deep shade of pink, realized what she had said!
Oh, the wonder of a good memory!  How it nourishes both soul and body!  
Be sweet and be good!   Later!


lizzie said...

A lovely memory.

My mother is 76 and has just started to get interested in a computer. She was telling me that she often looks things up on 'Doogle'. Now, I assume that she means 'Google' and not the character from the Magic Roundabout Series called Dougle. (I asume you have this TV programme for children in US)

Darlene Haughin said...

Hee, hee - thanks for the chuckle! And thanks for the "shout out" about my blog. Have a blessed day.


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I agree, that is an exceptional quote. I find that it really rings a bell with my everyday life.

Glynis said...

That is so funny! I must say your blog is entertaining x

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