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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That Sun Just Keeps On Shining

I tried!!  That's all I can or will say.  I was unable to help the young man and knew deep down I couldn't, but nevertheless felt I had to try.  This morning when I awoke, pillows were stretched out on the sofa and a quilt thrown over them as if someone was sleeping there and my son's X Box was missing!!! One of my boys said I had used bad judgment, to which I replied, "If there is anyone in this world who has never used bad judgment, they can tell me that!!"
Anyway, even though it hurt me to do it, I had to track him down with the help of our local police, not just to retrieve my son's X Box, but to also let him know this is not how you treat people who have helped and befriended you!!!  At least not me!!  I tried the best I could and expected the same from him and I had to let him know!!  You DO NOT treat other people like this, illness or no!!!!  There are consequences to every action, good or bad and you should choose your actions carefully..  They were unable to help him at day treatment, I was unable to help him.  I had no intention of pressing charges against him, although I was urged to by both police and day treatment staff.  The only way he will get the help he so desperately needs is for the state to take over and force him to go to a hospital for treatment.  I was trying to make the right decision when it was taken out of my hands (thank you, Lord, that I did not have to be the one).   He lied about everything and did so until the police handcuffed him and he finally admitted taking the game console.  It was hidden behind some iron gates on the university grounds and he was planning on selling it when game stores or pawn shops opened.  They had to run his ID some way and, of all things, he had a felony warrant in a neighboring state.  So, it was taken completely out of my hands.  They had to take him to jail for extradition.

The whole ordeal has been a little unsettling, but if nothing any worse than that ever happens, I guess I am in pretty good shape!  The sun will still come up in the morning shooting rays of sparkling light ... the earth will keep right on rotating ... roll with the punches ... if you should trip and fall, get right back up and keep on going, one day at a time!!  I do not feel I failed ... I do not recognize failures, only learning experiences.  I learn something new every day and have found the saying "you never get too old to learn" to be true!!!!!

You know by now I just gotta' say it ... be sweet!!!


Loree said...

Well at least you tried and I love your advice to not recognize failures. Now why did I not think of that myself?

Glynis said...

It is hard when we help someone and they break our trust. It is good that you tried.