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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Bake a Cough Syrup Cake

Okay, there is a contest going on at Mayhem & Moxie to give away a great mixer they have named Bertie!! I want (and, let's face it, NEED) that mixer so much I can hardly bear it!!
It is bad enough that, despite all my recipes for cakes that should melt in your mouth, my cakes have disgraced every grandmother in America!!! I have not one cake wreck to post about, but enough to publish quite a large volume. I have wasted the entire morning deciding which one deserves a spot on my little ole' blog. I can cook anything except cakes and I just know that mixer holds the magic key to baking the perfect cake!! Besides, I have never owned anything other than a hand mixer in my life!!!
More years ago than I care to think about, my oldest son had a number of his best buddies invited for birthday cake and ice cream and a night of staying up late watching scary movies and eating popcorn since the weekend started the next day and the little party goers could sleep in as late as they liked.
I had to make a run to the store for cold medicine for my daughter, so I picked up a few special ingredients for what I hoped would be a birthday cake the kids would never forget.
I set my few purchases on the kitchen counter, grabbed the flour, sugar, eggs, butter and whatever else goes into baking the perfect cake.
I retrieved my trusty hand mixer from its spot in a kitchen drawer, my large mixing bowl and began what I knew would be an award winning cake if it were to be in a contest!! I had everything mixed, lastly adding vanilla and melted butter. I was always in a hurry, considering I had 6 little ones, a husband to feed and never knew how many kids I would find here and there each morning!! I swear, they would be in sleeping bags, on the couch and any other place a tired child could curl up comfortably and sleep. I never minded. I loved it, wish I could bring back those days, but ... oh, well, enough of that!! Back to the cake!! After the pans were safely in the oven, bowl and beaters properly licked and put into soapy water, I set about putting everything away. To my great shock I discovered in my rush to get the cake baked, I had poured in cough syrup instead of vanilla!!! I was absolutely horrified!! Another perfect cake, destroyed again!!!
As I sat quietly, confused about what I should do, I heard sniffles and then ... yes, there it was again!! Coughs!! Most of them had colds anyway and I knew a little cough syrup never hurt anyone. With all the extra special ingredients, plus the fluffy frosting I had planned, they would never know the difference, in fact it would do them good!! And so it did, not a cough was heard for hours after our feast of cake and ice cream!!! I don't think I ever told anyone ... no need to. Now, after all these years, I've told everyone!! So good to get that off my chest, guys!!
Be sweet!!!


Loree said...

That's so funny. Well, at least the cake helped their coughs - always look on the bright side.

LambAround said...

LOL! In an attempt to be healthy, I used to mash up multivitamins to add to my cakes (fairly certain that all the benefits disappeared after baking!) I can't say that I've ever added cough syrup though :)

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Glynis said...

LOL, that was so funny! Thanks for sharing.