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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Mouse in the House

My kids were all so funny when they were little----matter of fact, they still are! It was funniest when they were not trying to be funny. Our family lived in the country on a gravel road with rice fields and soybean fields surrounding our yard on three sides so, of course, snakes were everywhere in the summer and mice came in from the fields to keep warm in the winter. Our house was new but I will tell you those mice could stretch out and come in through a nail hole! Though we had moved into a house, we had made it into a home and I never knew how many extra kids would be there when I woke up each morning. I was counting mouths I had to feed one morning and overheard my oldest daughter say to her little friend, "Guess what we have? Betcha' can't guess, betcha' can't!! We have little tiny puppies running really fast in our house--so fast we can't even catch one." I remembered a few days before when a mouse ran along the wall, she was so excited and screeched loudly, "I saw a little bitty puppy running real hard!" How sweet it was. I loved it to pieces. Be sweet and be good. Later.

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